Company Profile

Peacock Crest Technology Corporation (PCTC) is one of the fastest upcoming providers of Software Services and Solutions. Its mission is to incorporate solutions that can make the raise of organization uplift with no hassles and to sustain a competitive advantage. Our development services and solution engrave a wide spectrum of technologies, yet to become wider. Our design concept encompasses web technologies, programming build-ups, interactive systems, business components, and service-oriented architectures.


Providing services

Delivering competitiveness is what PCTC believes and brings to its family of clients. Its vast repertoire of competencies begins from strategy, Consulting and value. We work keeping clocks and watches away, for 24 Hrs a day and 365 days of year, in short, our dedication is beyond time boundaries. How so ever huge it may be, we do not require six-figure budgets. In spite, our in-house solutions always provide real-time information to the extent of tough testing and thorough maintenance schedules. Result, of course is the consequence of worthy efforts, as said above.


Our expertise and services

  • Customer / Client Managed Development.
  • Apps & Sites Deployment
  • Transparent Issue / Bug Tracking.
  • System / Application Services.
  • Client Managed Solutions.
  • Customer Support and Maintenance.
  • Client Managed Solutions.
  • Product Enhancement.
  • Mobile Application Development.
  • Business Process Services & Solutions.
  • Application Maintenance Support.
  • Comprehensive tools and technologies.


Best Solutions

PCTC has the command, knowledge and confidence to provide the undoubted solution. We translate complex business and technology requirements into state-of-the-art, albeit easy-to-use solutions. Our emphasis on innovation and development of re-usable components and frameworks provides significant advantage and tangible value benefits to our clients. This desire to innovate and contribute pervades throughout the company, and forms the basis of our modus operandi.


Top Quality

Quality Assurance is an essential part of any project, which ensures the top quality of our solutions. We pay special attention to the quality assurance of the products and services we deliver. We believe that this is the best way to make products work as effectively as possible. Our clients can rely on our products working stably and as designed because we put an emphasis on quality assurance as a key factor in project success.