Software & Product Development

PCTC's Software Development Solution, an ALM solution optimized for product engineering, orchestrates all software development processes and manages all applications, including requirements, system models, source code, and test, ensuring comprehensive lifecycle traceability.

PCTC's open architecture integrates disparate tools into a streamlined software engineering process, allowing orchestration of software change and collaboration across the technology supply chain. Development teams improve productivity and quality, streamline compliance and gain complete product visibility – which ultimately drives more innovative products into the market.

Lifecycle Management Solution

The principal role of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is to manage the life of a software application from concept to delivery throughout the entire development process.

To be effective for discrete manufacturers, ALM solutions must include requirements management, software change and configuration management, system model management and test management in a single, integral solution.

ALM provides visibility into product release readiness, supports variant complexity, automates development processes and ensures complete lifecycle traceability.

Client Managed Solutions

PCTC always welcome our client to manage their application while development. Again it’s subjected to the client interest and requirement. Our one manager will directly associate with their management and try to provide more visibility about development team and progress.

Software Development Solution Process

Successful project management is characterized by good planning, effective discovery and resourcing, realistic expectations of outcomes and strong management support. The more complex a project, more attention to detail is required to its project management through the adoption and use of a project management methodology.

Business Domain Solutions

The PCTC domain expert’s has vast experience using Java technologies on various domains like: BFSI, Web Portals, Utility, Social Networks, Telecom & VoIP, Healthcare and Media. Our full-cycle services include enterprise application integration and migration from legacy systems and technologies.

FY 2016